December 1, 2023
Greg Puciato Humble Bragged That Fests Offer "Astronomical Amounts" of Cash for a Dillinger Reunion

It’s been nearly six years since the undeniable energy of The Dillinger Escape Plan came to an end, as they played their three final shows as a band in New York City. Since then, all kinds of acts have broken up and gotten back together to a huge amount of fanfare, with major festivals serving as a backdrop for that return — usually at a high cost.

In a recent interview with Revolver, Greg Puciato shared that he and his former bandmates from The Dillinger Escape Plan have received multiple offers from fests looking to put up the big bucks for a reunion.

And while that may be tempting to some, Puciato said he’s currently busy working on and playing with his new band, Better Lovers. And despite how much people want to see a Dillinger reunion, he doesn’t miss his old band.

“I don’t miss it at all. And I hate to say this, but if we were to get back together, it would be for money. And I don’t fucking want to do that. Every year, all those festivals … they just throw astronomical amounts of money at us to get back together. And it’s never even been something that we even entertain.

When Dillinger ended, I thought to myself, ‘OK, I want at least five years,’ and now it’s been six, and I can’t imagine it happening within the next five years, even.”

And it seems that other members of the band feel the same way. Former guitarist Ben Weinman has been doing guitar and vocals for Suicidal Tendencies and scoring movies. Bassist Liam Wilson has his own band, Azusa, and is a touring member of In Flames. Drummer Billy Rymer has worked with many bands, including Thoughtcrimes, and guitarist Kevin Antreassian is a producer now and has also done work with The Sawtooth Grin and Knife The Glitter.

So, it appears DEP fans won’t get lucky anytime soon. Though Puciato does admit that money is a motivator, so maybe they will eventually get back together for the right amount.

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