October 4, 2022
Gordo Releases Statement Regarding Ministry Of Sound Incident

DJ Gordo, previously known as Carnage, just released a statement regarding the incident that happened at his headlining set this past weekend at Ministry of Sound.

In short, two UK DJs, Waze and Essel, were set to perform after a headliner at London nightclub Ministry of Sound, but were unable to play as the headliner refused to come off stage, overtaking their sets.

Waze tweeted, “Headline DJ refused to come off last night and the 2 acts after him (me and another DJ) lost our sets. I’m over a decade of playing I’ve honestly never seen this level of entitlement or arrogance and I’ve DJed with way bigger (and better) artists.” Many saw the lineup poster and put together that Gordo was the infamous headliner.

Essel also put out a post saying she drove 10 hours to the venue in order to perform but was told Gordo refused to come off stage, calling the controversial figure out by name.

But Gordo just issued a statement on Twitter saying, “I’ve been doing extended sets from 3 hours to 10 hours to give fans the best show experiences possible…one of the main promoters…during the show told me that my time slot was flexible… I was not told that meant Waze or Essel wouldn’t be able to get a proper opportunity…It was obviously miscommunication and I am so sorry that happened to them.”

Neither artist had publicly responded to the statement or accepted Gordo’s offer to perform at future shows.

Read Gordo’s full incident statement from his Twitter below:

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