December 11, 2023
GORDO opens third Central American Learning Center in Guatemala

Say what you will about GORDO, pka Carnage, but his philanthropic ventures in Central America are well-documented. After previously opening his first learning centre in Guatemala, GORDO heads back to the country he grew up in as he partners up with Seeds of Learning for the second time to open Edificio Taraka in Nuevo Eden, Guatemala, making this the third learning center he’s funded in the region since the first opened in Nicaragua in 2014.

Again working alongside established partner organization Seeds of Learning, a non-profit dedicated to improving prospects for young people living in rural areas of Central America, Edificio Taraka is the latest learning center GORDO has been involved in. Situated in Nuevo Eden, a locality in Guatemala’s San Marcos region, the facility’s impact on students will be profound once construction completes.

“My childhood in Guatemala shaped who I am today and I am honored to give back to the generation of tomorrow in my home country,” says GORDO. “I dedicate this school to my aunt, my uncle and my late cousin Catherine who I grew up with in Guatemala.”

This brand new learning center will support hundreds of adolescent kids in Guatemala looking to get on a better educational path providing them with all new books, maps, tables, chairs and more.

Learn more about Seeds of Learning here.

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