April 13, 2024

Rapper GloRilla is back with more dating advice. The Memphis rapper took to social media to express her thoughts on women and men going 50/50 in relationships. She claims women should not rely on a man.


Men and women going 50/50 in a relationship has been a controversial topic in recent years. GloRilla took to social media to share her opinions on the matter. 

The “F.N.F.” rapper was aware her opinion may be controversial, but strongly believes women should go “50/50 with they n*gga.”  She also states she does not want women to be so reliant on men that they have no resources if he leaves.

The term going 50/50 stems from men and women sharing equal parts in a relationship specifically in the financial department. The CMG-signed artist also posted follow-up videos implying that your man may wander off if he knows you need him for everything.

When it comes to dating, GloRilla knows how to avoid looking stupid for a man. In a recent video, she gave her fans some love advice, warning them not to fall in love with a man they meet at the club.

Recently, Big Glo told her fans that men they meet at a club should not be trusted.  The Memphis rapper took to her Twitter, saying those types of men only “look for hoes” and will treat them accordingly. 

Glo Talk With Big Glo

Additionally, GloRilla also explained that women who trust a man they meet in the club don’t have any “home training,” and are “fools.” Some fans reacted to the advice and agreed with her, even giving the same direction to their family members. 

“Love the accountability — cos been telling my sisters this all the time and they won’t hear cos am ‘controlling’ and nosy,” said Justin Balede on Twitter.

However, other supporters, say it doesn’t always work that way and even witnessed a marriage after a couple met in the club.

“I will say this I have two friends who met their husbands at the club and they still together so sometimes not true,” said one Twitter user. 

“Doesn’t matter where you meet someone. If you meant to be you will be.”

Rapper GloRilla has a rapidly growing fanbase of both genders. Fans are debating on Twitter whether or not it is a double standard for men to prefer to listen to her music over other female rappers.

Memphis rapper GloRilla has had a productive year with her hit debut single “F.N.F.” going viral and dropping her debut EP Anyway’s, Life Great.

Additional reporting by Journey Green.

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