April 22, 2024
Glen Trapz Bridges the Gap Between House Purists and Pop House


Too often there is a conflict that exists within the house world. On one hand, it is true that house is not like other genres – there is a trance-like state intended with the cycled through-grooves. However, the conflict
arises when artists are forced to pick a side – either short snappy pop tracks with a dance beat or extended cuts, the sort of things that go well on past the seven-minute mark. Glen Trapz offers the best of both worlds – his tracks have that immersive experience and maintain the hook that runs through them.

His work has a hot humidity to them. Despite his location in Toronto, Canada a lot of his work does have a summer jam spirit to it. That’s one of the best things about it. By seemingly representing all the optimism that dance music was founded on, he brings that old-school spirit back and presents his own twist on the classic atmosphere.

Production for him matters a great deal. His touring schedule shows this off as well, for he’s gone everywhere from Mexico to Spain to South Africa. Only 23 it is obvious that there are a whole lot more countries out there for him. Already he’s even started expanding his palette, allowing for one of the most intensely physical of that house sound, that of UK garage.

With his approach he manages to bring together a lot of different fans of the genre, much like Daft Punk introduced dance to the rock kids, Glen brings beats to the purists and pop-inclined alike.


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