March 2, 2024
Ed Raissi

With Miami Music Week just kicking off, Ed Raissi spins up a mix that’s filled with quality tunes that will help you find your groove.

Thousands of artists, industry members, and electronic music lovers alike are flooding into Miami for one of the biggest weeks in the scene. Venues around the city will be popping off around the clock, with countless artists taking the stage to showcase their newest tunes to impress fans, new and old alike. But while many of these artists will leave once the dust settles from Miami Music Week, some who have made it their home, like Ed Raissi, will remain.

Ed Raissi might be one of the newer artists to grace the scene who is beginning to carve out some space for himself, but his infectious music speaks for itself. Over the past few years, he’s released tunes like “Don’t Stop,” “I’m Sorry,” and “Nothing Serious” that have featured his take on house music that features powerful melodies and vocals that are fitting for any nightclub or beach party. “I have always had a deep love for house music, and that passion will never fade away. No matter where I am, I will always stay true to my love for house music and appreciate it for what it is,” Ed Raissi shared when asked about his passion for the genre he creates.

Although South Florida might be bustling with electronic beats during Miami Music Week, it isn’t always the case for their local scene, according to Ed Raissi. “Miami’s music scene is thriving with Reggaeton and Hip Hop, which is fantastic. However, in my opinion, I believe that it could benefit from being more open to house music,” he said. “It’s disheartening to see many artists who move to Miami feel pressured to conform to the mainstream music culture of Reggaeton and Hip Hop, often sacrificing their unique artistic flair in the process.”

I firmly believe that Miami’s music scene needs to embrace house music more. With its unique ability to unite people and create a hyped and energetic atmosphere, house music has the potential to make the music culture more vibrant and attract a diverse crowd. I’m hopeful that this can change in the future and that Miami will become a hub for authentic house music.

Ed Raissi

To showcase his sound and help bring house music to the forefront of everyone’s mind in Miami, regardless of the time of year, Ed Raissi spun up a mix for the This Is Home series. Found inside are some originals and special mashups that he’s crafted up, along with tracks from the likes of Morgan Page, Armin van Buuren, JYYE, Meduza, Shapov, and more.

Listen to this mix from Ed Raissi on SoundCloud to get ready for all the Miami Music Week festivities ahead, and follow him on social media to stay in the know on future releases and more.

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