December 4, 2023
Germany’s SERVANT – New Album Aetas Ascensus Out In July

With their impressive debut Blessed By The Light Of A Thousand Stars, Germany’s Servant were one of the black metal surprises of 2021. These days, the quartet has completed the work on the follow-up, which is more than capable of fulfilling and even surpassing the expectations raised with the debut. 

Aetas Ascensus will be released on July 7 on MDD Records. Musically, much of the new material seems more furious and wild, although melody and harmony will again form the cornerstone of the almost 50-minute album. The record is a complex piece of music, bursting with a wealth of details. Those who already enjoyed the Scandinavian black metal influenced debut will love the successor. 

A first musical taste of the new material will be available soon – stay tuned.

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