December 5, 2022
Gelatin Skelatin's new EP 'Year of The Skelatin' to be released next month

Gelatin Skelatin’s new EP ‘Year of The Skelatin’ to be released next month

Canadian rockers Gelatin Skelatin consisting of frontman Brett Kelly, bassist Myles Rourke and new members — guitarist Chris Eveland and drummer Kevin Eamon — will be releasing their new EP Year of The Skelatin next month (in December 2022).

Gelatin Skelatin‘s press release indicates in part:

“Canadian hard rockers Gelatin Skelatin are pleased to announce that their new EP “Year of the Skelatin” is available for pre-order directly from the band at The EP contains the songs “80s Ladies” (which had a video released at the end of the summer), “Bad Alphabet”, the next single “If You Can’t Do What’s Right (Do What’s Left) and a bonus track.  The video for “If You Can’t” is coming at the end of November.

Singer Brett Kelly says “We are stoked about the new tunes, we can’t wait to play them live. We love arena rock of the 80s and we feel this captures the same vibe.”

The EP, which was mastered by Harem Scarem‘s Harry Hess, will ship in early December.

The band also has a UK tour booked for summer 2023 including a stop at the HRH Sleaze Festival in Sheffield.”

Gelatin Skelatin‘s “80s Ladies” video:

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