April 22, 2024
G.G. Allin Biopic Set from Lords of Chaos Director Jonas Åkerlund


G.G. Allin, the combustible punk provocateur who shocked live audiences with defecation and self-mutilation before dying of a heroin overdose in 1993 at the age of 36, will be the subject of a new biopic from Lords of Chaos director Jonas Åkerlund.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, G.G. Allin: Live. Fast. Die. will tell the true story “of what happens to a borderline personality when the reach for fame exceeds the limits of talent… when substance abuse goes unchecked and mental illness undiagnosed and untreated… and when a fictional character takes over a real person’s life, driving GG beyond limits anyone could possibly endure.”

The biopic will be produced by Don Murphy and Susan Monford of Angry Films and MVD Entertainment Group, with a script by Richard Schenkman.

“This is exactly the type of real and raw story I am looking for and this film explores the ugly belly of the beast and how Kevin Allin came to be GG,” said Åkerlund in a statement. “Punk was already a genre about pushing limits, expanding on musical genres and the definition of artistic expression. At a time when punk was thought to be dead, sold out or too raw to survive, GG came into the scene bleeding, pissing, and sinking like no punk before. Live. Fast. Die. is about a sick person who should have asked for help. GG’s strong persona was a gift, but this borderline personality disorder was not treated, and killed him.”

Åkerlund made his name directing music videos for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Smashing Pumpkins, and Maroon 5, before directing his feature debut, Lords of Chaos, about Norwegian black metal. His most recent film, 2019’s Polar, starred Mads Mikkelsen.


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