April 19, 2024
Fyre Festival Founders Billy McFarland & Andy King To Host Bahamas Grilled Cheese Fundraiser


Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland is teaming up with Andy King, who help to produce the event, to cook grilled cheeses in New York where the proceeds will go towards those affected by the debacle that was the first Fyre Festival.

In a particularly ironic tweet, McFarland revealed he will be cooking cheese sandwiches for charity at a local burger shop in New York. This event seems referenced to horror stories from Fyre Festival back in 2017 when attendees were served two slices of cheese on bread for their “gourmet” meal.

But Andy King—the producer who went viral for referencing the particularly lewd things he was asked to do to provide Evian water to festival attendees—also retweeted the event and said he would be there.

The tweet also claims that there will be a surprise guest performing and asked Twitter users to guess who they would be.

The money from the event will benefit “those affected in the Bahamas” but did not state clearly what they were affected by.

And in true Fyre Festival fashion, there are already some logistical hiccups. A couple of keen-eyed Twitter users were quick to mention that April 24 is actually a Monday, meaning if festival goers wanted to support, they can’t be sure which exact day the fundraiser will take place.

So for those looking to attend the cheese sandwich fundraising in New York from Billy McFarland and Andy King, they will have to keep an eye on both creators’ social media.

Check out the announcement tweet below:

Featured image from Andy King 


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