December 5, 2023
Funeral Vomit Share New Video for "The Mortuary Moon" |

Gruesome masters of death Funeral Vomit have shared a video for “The Mortuary Moon,” and it’s full of fall vibes.

The Columbian death metal band paired the song with a gold-hued, moon-fueled visualizer to promote their debut album, Monumental Putrescence, out December 19 via Xtreem Music.

Initially formed in 2020, the band channel the rotten and the raw in their old-school fueled sound. They released their demo Necrophoric Infestation that first year, and then a split tape with Mexican band Heretic Ritual entitled Chants of Morbid Exrcruciation in 2021. This was followed by a split with Chinese band Mvltifission called Necrophoric Decomposition in 2022. Now, they will finally share a full album with the world.

The band balance the oldschool sound of bands like Autopsy and Crematory with a modern, even heavier edge and some black metal mixed in for good measure.

The new album is rotten, heavy, and absolutely plumbing the depths of hell while also taking the underground sound into new, uncharted territories. Across 10 tracks, it unfolds enough riffs to keep any death metal fan going through the winter months.

Check out the tracklist below, and look out for the album coming soon.

Tracklist for Monumental Putrescence:

  1. Intro (The Entombment)
  2. Immense Morbidity
  3. The Mortuary Moon
  4. Spectral Parasite
  5. Cadaveric Apparition
  6. Interlude (Towards the Abysmal Doom)
  7. Monumental Putrescence
  8. Necromantical Winds
  9. Swarming Pestilence
  10. Outro (The Sinister Mist)

Monumental Putrescence will be be available on CD, limited edition cassettes, and limited edition black and splatter vinyls and is available for preorder now. It will also be available digitally.

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