September 26, 2023
Fugitive's "Blast Furnace" Music Video Would Fit Perfectly on Headbanger's Ball

Ever since they dropped the two singles “Blast Furnace” and “Standoff” earlier this week, Fugitive has been on repeat here at MetalSucks HQ. Gimme some good fucking thrash and it’s on repeat, man.

So you can imagine my excitement when not only did they release a video for the killer “Blast Furnace,” but they made it look like something from back in the day. Seriously, these guys know what they’re doing, they know the aesthetic they’re going for, and they’re able to make something that the old guard and today’s youth can get behind.

Seriously, guys. From it looking like it was filmed with a massive camcorder to the quick shots of live footage, shit on fire, riot police, and whatnot, it looks like it would fit right in on Headbanger’s Ball, followed by Sacred Reich’s “The American Way.”

Fugitive is comprised of Skourge’s Seth Gilmore on vocals, Ibanez and Impalers’ Victor Gutierrez on guitars, Stymie’s Andy Messer on bass, and Creeping Death’s Lincoln Mullins on drums.

These guys have to chill out for a while now. Any more and they’ll receive a bill for all the doors I’ve kicked off their hinges while listening to this shit. If you want to throw down in the pit while they tear it up on stage, you’ll be able to at the Sound and Fury festival in Los Angeles on July 30 and a Metallica pre-show concert with Tribal Gaze in Dallas next month.

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