April 24, 2024
French duo il:lo Release Debut Vocal Single “Shifted ft. Fractures” & It’s Beautiful


Based in Germany and France, producer duo Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schütz met in Prague in 2010. Forming fast synergies, the coupling developed a collaborative flow that spawned their dynamic  and  sprawling  electronic act: il:lo. In 2021 they did two striking performances for Anjunadeep Live in stunning locations showcasing their sound in Montpellier, and Canyon Du Diable. The pair also just completed a global tour, with plays at the iconic boutique Anjunadeep Explorations festival in Albania, and tour support for Parra For Cuva, Stimming, Janus Rasmussen, CloZee and Zimmer.

Their most recent album Sloh has garnered over 10 million Spotify streams on Spotify and the duo have recently been added to rotation on Sirius XM Chill and received substantial play across curators at BBC Radio 1.

It’s safe to say 2022 has been a landmark year for il:lo, and they are closing out the year with their infectious single “Shifted”, ft. Fractures. The single is their debut vocal collaboration, and the first of a striking string of new works we can look forward in the new year.

“Shifted” is a beautifully captivating melodic house track that leaves a lasting impression, with Fractures’ haunting vocals intricately weaving emotion through the duration of il:lo’s production. Here’s what il:lo had to say about it:

This track marks our first collaboration with a singer. When Fractures sent us his lyrics, we wanted to highlight what he was singing about, an emotional instability that ends up being accentuated, shifted. Thus, his voice is accompanied by a rise in instrumental tension to lead to a more heavy and percussive radical change“.

Listen below!


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