September 25, 2023
Florence + The Machine Perform "King" on Corden: Watch

Florence + The Machine were the musical guests on The Late Late Show With James Corden Tuesday night, performing the song “King” from their May album Dance Fever. She also sat for an interview, where comedian Nick Kroll revealed that he had not only taken a dance class where he learned the “King” music video choreography, but he also remembered the moves.

The interview came first in the evening, with Florence Welch sitting next to Kroll. She said that her ongoing tour saw so much of the crowd in costumes that it had begun to feel like “Dance Fever Comic Con,” and added that the strangest gift she’d received from a fan was a “Severed hand,” to which Kroll muttered that he needed it back.

As it turns out, Kroll is a self-confessed Florence + The Machine stan. He said that the day before he began shooting the new Mel Brooks series, History of the World, Part II, his wife took him to a dance class where they practiced choreography to “King.” With a bit of pretend prompting (the audio was already queued up) Kroll finally agreed to perform. As he rolled, stepped, and pointed to the sky, Welch squealed, “You’ve got it! That’s it!”

Afterwards, Florence + The Machine performed the song in its entirety. Welch stood at the mic stand, though she used it less to hold her microphone and more as a twirling cane. But as with all of her performances, the real star was that otherworldly voice. Check out her “King,” as well as Kroll’s dance moves to the song, below.

Earlier this year, we named “King” the Song of the Week. Florence + The Machine are in the final stretch of their 2022 tour dates; grab tickets to their remaining shows over at Ticketmaster. Their run so far included a set at Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, where the band revived the Ceremonials fan favorite “Never Let Me Go.” Outside of their original music, Florence + The Machine also recently covered John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” for SiriusXM and “Margaritaville” alongside Jimmy Buffet himself on Fallon.

As for Kroll, he recently spoke to Consequence about how he plans to work until he’s “very old, out of touch, and no longer funny.” Season 6 of his animated series Big Mouth premiers October 28th on Netflix.


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