June 2, 2023
Flo Rida ICU

Flo Rida’s six-year-old son, Zohar Dillard, is in the ICU after falling from an apartment window in Jersey City. Dillard’s mother, Alexis Adams, plans to file a lawsuit against the apartment complex.


Miami rapper Flo Rida’s six-year-old son, Zohar Dillard, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, after falling from an apartment window in Jersey City, according to a TMZ report. 

The incident occurred on March 4, but Zohar’s mother filed a lawsuit on March 27.

Dillard suffered several injuries, including his pelvis and left foot. He also had a lacerated liver and suffered internal bleeding.

According to media reports, Adams’ lawsuit is expected to name the apartment building and the construction company associated with it. 

Adams claims the apartment’s windows had  “incorrect size guards on the windows,” which caused her son to fall five stories, she shared in a written statement on her son’s injuries.

“As a single mom to a special needs child, this feels like a nightmare,” Adams said. “My heart is broken into a million pieces.” 

Adams is seeking damages for her son’s medical bills. Zohar is in a full-body cast and will have to learn how to walk again according to Adams’s lawyer, Steven Haddad.

Flo Rida, who just won his case against the energy drink company Celsius, has not responded to the lawsuit started by Adams. She also alleged their son and Flo Rida do not have a relationship.

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