March 30, 2023

Heading to a festival and looking for some beverages you can sip on that will leave you feeling refreshed? Check out these picks!

Festival season is here, and with it comes plenty of planning. Flights, car rentals, hotels, outfits, and more are always the first aspects that attendees think about as they prep for their next big experience, but once those are out of the way, there are plenty of other details to hammer out. Those heading to camping festivals might be considering what they’ll be cooking up during the downtime at their campsite, while anyone heading to an event in a city is hunting down some snacks and beverages to bring to their hotel room.

Speaking of beverages, it’s 2023, and there are far more options than your standard fare of sugar-loaded sodas and energy drinks that you can choose from to stock up on ahead of your next festival. While those might be the easiest go-to from a convenience store, and water is always essential so you can stay hydrated, there are a number of tasty, healthier options that you can bring with you instead—these range from mushroom-infused beverages to those that will give you a boost of social energy.

Before diving too far into the depths of this year’s festival season, we’ve selected a few beverages that are out of the norm but will help you feel happy, healthy, and refreshed so that you can keep dancing your heart out to your favorite artists. Additionally, each of these is perfect for camping festivals as well as they’re all canned or in recyclable packaging. Check out the list below and let us know what you’ll be sipping on by dropping us a comment on Twitter!

Five Beverages You Should Try This Festival Season

Photo Credit: YATÉ


There’s a new player in the yerba mate game, and it goes by the name of YATÉ. This Southern California-based brand was launched with the mission “to bring people together with a healthy dose of plant-powered Social Energy™,” and they’ve done just that by finding their way into underground events and the hands of artists and attendees alike over the past few months. Each can of YATÉ features a twist on tea by blending yerba mate with lemon juice and a low amount of sugar, giving those who drink it a boost with 70mg of clean caffeine that won’t have you crashing hours later. While you can drink this beverage straight, it also acts as a perfect mixer to replace Red Bull and works well with vodka, whiskey, and more.

Yate is available at stores throughout Los Angeles. Check out the complete list via their website or grab a 12-pack from them that ships directly to your door.

Space Tea

If you’ve been to any event hosted by Insomniac lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Space Tea on the menu at their bars. This blend of iced tea and lemonade packs a tasty punch with its blend of Reishi and Lion’s Mane mushrooms added in to help give you a touch of energy and mental clarity so you can keep grooving all day and night. Dubbed the “Arnold Palmer of the future,” you can drink their original, mango, or watermelon flavors straight up or use it as a mixer to further spice up your next festival experience.

Space Tea is available at select events hosted by Insomniac and Sprouts locations nationwide. Head to their website or Amazon to order.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that health-infused drinks have been the talk of the town over the past few years, and Recess is a brand of beverages that excels at just that with its range of products. The standard Recess sparkling water is infused with hemp, L-theanine, lemon balm, and more to promote calmness and clarity, with flavors including blood orange, peach ginger, and more. Those looking for an extra mood boost should check out Recess Mood, which adds magnesium L-threonate into the mix, while the “Zero Proof” craft mocktails will lift you up with guayusa when you look for an alcohol-free delight.

Recess is available at a range of stores around the US. Head to their website to find out where or order it directly from them or on Amazon!

Drink Simple

Move over Coconut Water – Maple Water is here to claim the hydration throne in 2023. Sure, you might immediately think of the gooey syrup you put on your pancakes and waffles, but this is the pure sap from the tree itself (the consistency of natural water) and has phytonutrients and hydrating benefits. Drink Simple, the brand helping lead this charge, was founded by two Ironman triathletes looking for a better way to hydrate and replace sugary sports drinks. Since their launch with the original flavor, which has a slightly sweet, faintly woodsy taste, they’ve delivered several sparkling flavors to choose from, including blackberry lemon and orange cream.

Drink Simple is available via their website and Amazon.

Spindrift Seltzer
Photo Credit: Spindrift


Sparkling Water has been all the rage over the past few years, but few are creating flavorful options like Spindrift. Dubbed America’s first sparking water brand made with real squeezed fruit, this beverage has quickly won over the hearts of anyone searching for a refreshing drink to sip on during warm summer days. Spindrift offers flavors that range from pineapple and mango black tea to “nojito” and strawberry lemonade – but you won’t find added sugar or artificial sweeteners in these low-calorie drinks; they only use a squeeze of non-GMO fruit for a touch of added taste.

Spindrift is available via their website or Amazon and at Targets and grocery stores around the US. Find out where you can purchase it by exploring their store finder.

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