June 7, 2023
Filth On Acid Stamp Collection Vol. 3

Filth On Acid’s Stamp Collection, Vol. 3 offers 17 curated techno tunes that will spark a fire in the depths of your soul.

Techno is a versatile genre with soundscapes that range from fast-paced and aggressive to melodic and atmospheric. Regardless of which side you’ve found a place to reside on, one label that will draw you in is Reinier Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid. This imprint has become renowned for hosting some of the most brilliant artists and rising stars alike in the techno scene over the years, and now they’re further cementing their status with the latest Stamp Collection release.

Stamp Collection, Vol. 3 is out now and features a whopping 17 techno tunes that offer everything from booming hard techno basslines to moody melodic-driven offerings, and even a touch of trance added in for good measure. Familiar faces grace this compilation with tracks that will surely turn heads, including Alan Fitzpatrick with “Triple H,” Township Rebellion with “Placebo,” and Kiki Solvej with “Bang To My Beat.”

Hard techno lovers will gravitate to the sounds of Dok & Martin and Theodor Nabuurs‘ “Where Is My Body,” Zeltak’s Acid Opera,” Mha Iri’s Good Energy,” and Klaps‘ “P909S303Y,” all of which bring a hearty dose of hypnotic energy along with them. Meanwhile, Frankyeffe impresses with deeper techno grooves on “Ready Or Not,” while others such as Lander B and Patrik Berg bring their own heat with their respective tracks “Ufo” and “New Era.”

Ramiro Lopez is the artist who takes everyone to the tech trance realm with “She Can Take You,” a captivating track that will leave listeners gasping for air as the thudding beat consumes their souls. The larger-than-life synths and computerized vocals layered in for added effect make this one stand tall among the rest as Lopez drives relentlessly into the night.

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Stamp Collection, Vol. 3 – Tracklist:

  1. Alan Fitzpatrick – Triple H (Original Mix)
  2. Mha Iri – Good Energy (Original Mix)
  3. Kiki Solvej – Bang to My Beat (Original Mix)
  4. Township Rebellion – Placebo (Original Mix)
  5. VE/RA – Timeless (Original Mix)
  6. Belocca – God of the Sun (Original Mix)
  7. Zeltak – Acid Opera (Original Mix)
  8. BK – Daybreak (Original Mix)
  9. Klaps – P909S303Y (Original Mix)
  10. Ramiro Lopez – She Can Take You (Original Mix)
  11. Frankyeffe – Ready or not (Original Mix)
  12. Lander B – UFO (Original Mix)
  13. Dok & Martin x Theodor Nabuurs – Where is my Body (Original Mix)
  14. Clif Jack – Somewhere (Original Mix)
  15. Patrik Berg – New Era (Original Mix)
  16. Balthazar & JackRock – Take me higher (Original Mix)
  17. Danny Avila x Ramiro Lopez – Diablo (Original Mix)

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