September 25, 2023
Fedd The God - "Royal Spin"

Fedd The God’s “Royal Spin” is a dark drill/trap offering guaranteed to get you on your feet. Similarly, “Royal Spin” could also identify as a dance anthem because of its catchy hook. It honestly could persuade a listener to do a “kick, kick, spin, drop.”
In two minutes and 44 seconds, the Taylor Gang signee basks in his fortune and achievements. Ignoring the envy roaming from an opp’s aura, he gives himself props.

“I be fresher than listerine / I be fresher than all these n**s / Wipe his nose call him Mr. Clean,” he raps. From there, Fedd The God channels his focus into stacking his cash. He spits, “Boutta BMF like flennory / I think im big Meech / Don’t give these n***s no energy/ Most these n***s my mini me’s.”

Fedd The Godd

As “Royal Spin” progresses, the Timberland’s and Chopped Cheese record breaker lets us in on what it’s like to make fast cash. After taking pride in his drip game, he spits, “Hit the bank, I get more bands/Dior, Gucci, do the drip dance.”

However, when one of Fedd’s naysayers slanders him, everything goes left field. Yet, the rapper’s net worth speaks for itself. “You’sa hater, nothing popping / I’m that n***a, b****s flocking / I’m him / You’sa broke, pocket watching,” he raps.

On the whole, Fedd The God’s latest record motivates you to do the war dance, meaning to go grind nonstop. In other words, keeping your eye on the prize will guarantee prosperity. 

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More Works

Fedd The God’s latest project, “Timberland’s and Chopped Cheese,” garners inspiration from the rapper’s experience in New York. Specifically with the state’s infamous chop cheese sandwich. New York’s hip-hop sound also plays a massive role in the EP’s creative process. The first track from his newest EP, Lordz Prayer,” slightly samples Adele’s popular hit “Set Fire to the Rain.” Four songs in, listeners will also hear an acclamation to the iconic single “Everybody Dance Now.” 

Alongside the record also remains the “IDFWTN” music video. It’s described as a go-getter anthem. “Timberland’s and Chopped Cheese” dropped exclusively on SoundCloud on Wednesday, October 19.

Listen To “Royal Spin” By Fedd The God Below:

Written by Natalee Gilbert

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