February 21, 2024

It’s hard to believe, but it looks like pop punk is back in full force. Just a couple of weeks ago, pop-punk heavyweights BLINK-182 made their long-awaited return with the release of their new single “Edging”. This song marked the group’s first track featuring original vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge, and the excitement over their reunion was palpable. The buzz just kept going when tickets for a massive world tour went on presale last Wednesday (Oct 12).

However, some of that hype turned to outrage as tickets for BLINK-182‘s upcoming world tour went on presale this Wednesday. Reports suggest that ticket prices go well north of $300 (Billboard quotes a $600 pricetag for pit seats on some venues, and over $200 for seats closer to the stage).

Fans point out that other pop-punk groups like GREEN DAY and SUM 41 continue to charge reasonable prices for concert tickets because they have been more actively touring in recent years, even though their latest albums don’t have quite the same amount of hype as BLINK-182‘s “Edging.” Dates and tickets for band’s upcoming tour can be found here.

Some of the fans’ comments about high ticket prices can be found below.

These Blink 182 ticket prices. Yikes. More like “What’s My Wage Again?”. Am I right?

Don’t know who if this is @blink182 setting prices, the venue or promoters or what, but these ticket prices are extortionate. Working class people cannot afford to go to gigs anymore. https://t.co/rsJyH9VxfV

What’s my age again? The age where I have to decide between rent and Blink 182 tickets

When Blink-182 said “works sucks, I know” I didn’t think it would mean working to get their tickets

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