March 27, 2023
Family Therapy: Ex-Megadeth Drummer Shawn Drover to Join Kings of Thrash for Full Album Set in Atlanta

This Wednesday, yet another former Megadeth member is going to hop on stage with Kings of Thrash and spend an entire night playing nothing but Megadeth tunes. Shawn Drover, who reportedly managed along with his brother Glen “pressured” Dave Mustaine into reuniting with David Ellefson back in 2010 will join the ousted bassist and ex-Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young during the band’s gig at The Masquerade (HELL).

Shawn Drover originally played with Megadeth from 2004 to 2014, roughly six years longer than his brother Glen did. During that time, he performed on That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires (2005), United Abominations (2007), Endgame (2009), Thirteen (2011), Supercollider (2013) and Countdown To Extinction: Live (2013).

Ever since their first shows last October, Kings of Thrash has spent nearly all of its time playing Megadeth music while its band members have committed a lot of interview time talking about either their time in Megadeth or about Mustaine directly. Hell, they even appear to have written a diss track about their former frontman/boss.

Just as the band’s been doing for their entire “The Mega Years Tour,” the Kings of Thrash will play the entirety of Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good and So Far, So Good…So What? albums. Throughout the tour, yet another ex-Megadeth member Chris Poland has sometimes joined the band to play on some songs, so who knows if they’ll be able to get four former Megadeth members on stage at once in Atlanta?

Wednesday will be the final date of the band’s first leg of a planned 2023 world tour. As of this posting, the band doesn’t seemingly have any other tour dates posted for the next leg of their supposed world tour, so who knows if this just means Ellefson will move back to playing in Dieth or one of his other projects? For now, we just know Megadeth’s former members have a lot of demons to exorcise and this might just be their way of doing it.

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