February 21, 2024
Ronnie Radke Live

Ronnie Radke, the frontman of FALLING IN REVERSE, recently made headlines for refusing to sell merchandise at a concert in Minneapolis venue, The Armory.

The reason behind his decision was the venue’s demand for a 25% cut of the gross merchandise sales. Radke expressed his frustration with the venue’s business practices, calling them “criminal” and “stealing”.

Radke stated:

.@93XRadio nut cracker was an amazing show with daughtry  I’ll do it again next year if they want, amazing radio station and I’m grateful for the support 

Last night I refused to sell falling in reverse merch in the venue we were playing in because @ArmoryMn demanded I paid 25% of gross sales to them so I told @ArmoryMn to go f**k themselves and just didn’t sell merch because it didn’t sit right with me to have to up charge the fans 100 dollars a hoodie because the greedy venue thinks 25% of gross merch sales from a band is okay, for your information these venues taking a merch cut is criminal, there is no reason or excuse for venues to take bands merch % they do it because we let them get away with it, it’s literally stealing.

There’s not a single reason these venues have that makes this okay. so to anyone out there ever wondering why merch is so expensive it’s because these venues are STEALING from the artist. Last night I told @armorymn to go f**k themselves on stage and if any of you bands play this venue I’d advise you do the same, the only way this bulls**t is gonna change is if we as bands all stand together and f**k their bottom line up. Streaming takes our money, the venue takes our money the artist gets DESTROYED and disrespected by these greedy f**ks. So one more time F**K @ArmoryMn in Minneapolis but thank you to the fans the huge show and the radio station and I’m sorry we couldn’t sell our merch!

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