December 3, 2023

Blonde Maze returns to Enhanced Chill with a fresh offering of tunes in tow that will let you drift into a different state of mind.

One artist who has left electronic music in a bliss-like state with their music over the past few years is Blonde Maze. From her serene soundscapes on Something Familiar to her performances at festivals like SXSW and NYC’s Pride Fest, it’s become impossible not to fall in love with this rising artist in the scene. While previous releases from Blonde Maze have landed on imprints, including Lowly and Monstercat, her biggest home has been on Enhanced Chill – and that’s where she returned for her latest EP, Another Color.

Another Color is out now across all platforms and features seven fresh tunes from Blonde Maze that will tug at your heartstrings as she guides you to a more tranquil realm of existence. This release sees her continue her evolution as an artist with touching lyrics that see her explore powerful emotions, while the backing beats offer a sense of nostalgia that will have you reflecting on your own journey in life.

The soft piano notes on “A Retrospective” open up this trip into the chilled-out space that Blonde Maze has created before light kicks push you forward just a tad bit more as other elements get layered in for added effect. The distant vocals play with the ears in this introduction to Another Color, leading perfectly into “When You Move.” This track tells a story of falling in love while the beat itself will leave you feeling like there’s some sand in your toes because you’ve just spent time basking in the sun at the beach.

Similar themes carry into the EP’s title track and “Daydream” before “I Remember” enters the fray. The only collaboration on the EP is sublime as Blonde Maze teams up with Alex Baker for a track that is sure to have you dancing right along with it while stirring up memories along the way. Then, the closing two tracks offer up their own beautiful moments. “Forever Sun” features drums, claps, and vocals that uplift the mind, body, and soul, while “Leaving Home” gifts listeners with a gorgeous melody that you can imagine watching the sunset to as you set off on the next chapter in your life.

Listen to Another Color on Spotify or your preferred platform, and make sure to follow Blonde Maze on social media to stay in the know on future releases and more.

Stream Blonde Maze – Another Color EP on Spotify:

Blonde Maze – Another Color EP – Tracklist:

  1. A Retrospective (Original Mix)
  2. When You Move (Original Mix)
  3. Another Color (Original Mix)
  4. Daydream (Original Mix)
  5. I Remember (Original Mix)
  6. Forever Sun (Original Mix)
  7. Leaving Home (Original Mix)
Blonde Maze - Another Color EP

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