April 22, 2024
Exclusive Interview with Shojon Interview


UK artist Shojon has been showcasing a level of talent for songwriting and merging genres within his music. He has been on a steady rise since his journey into the music world and has become known for releasing timeless music. More recently, singles like “Theorem,” “Cough Cough” featuring Ginga C, and “Au-X” featuring Reece has left fans craving even more of the artist’s music. 

Each track holds a story in itself, shifting through the many lanes to which Shojon can travel with his varied style of music. On Au-X, Shojon creates a mellow rhythm over the track’s chill instrumental. The song accentuates a cadence that builds a cool vibe as Shojon spits melodic flows and lyrics. Reminiscent of a summer vibe, Au-X is a hit that will have any club buzzing and be the perfect song for friends enjoying the moment of the night, earning it a 4.8 rating. 

Cough Cough featuring Ginga C takes to more of a lyrical approach in its execution, laying bars upon melodies that makes the listener bump along, but also resonating with the rhymes. Given the scope of the current times, Cough Cough leads the charge, creating the new hip-hop sub-genre, quarantine music. Even under lockdown Shojon finds a way to express himself and drop flavor all over the track along Ginga C, who goes off on the track with matching hype and maneuverability over the beat. The synergy of the duo gains Cough Cough a solid 4.7 rating. 

With Cough Cough and Au-X being such a hit, Shojon has set the bar high on expectations for his music, but in typical Shojon style, he brings the heat with his most recent single Theorem. Theorem is a heartfelt track that focuses on relationships across different bonds, mother and daughter, interrelationship, and LGBTQ. In Theorem, Shojon cracks the code on the equation of love, proving that no matter what, love is what keeps us together. The lyrics flow fluent over the track while the music video reflects the stories alongside the depth of lyricism. The track gives off feel good energy, soothing and healing and is deserving of a 5star rating.

Today we had an exclusive chance to interview Shojon:

ARN: How did you come up with a stage name?
Shojon: Finally! I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me this. So you either think I’m crazy, crazy coincidence or fore-ordination. For most of my time on this earth I preferred to stay inconspicuously hidden in the background building and nurturing the creativity of those who used my services. And Because the full creative me had yet to be displayed, when the time came for a new name I knew ‘John’ would have to be in it and was just looking for a prefix that represented the art I would create ‘Great John’ nah’ ‘Gifted John’ Nope. Randomly weeks later I was thinking about my government name ‘John Shownmi’ pronounced John Show-me , remembering school days and the term ‘Sho’ which means ‘really good’, short for ‘Showerman’ that relates to someone who was big in what they were doing, also nowadays Super High Output on the socials. It all made sense and clicked together it was now SHOwtime I was about to go in to ensure a S.H.O with artistry that will look SHO! it was now time to SHOw John – Shojon. Removed the second ‘H’ wasn’t feeling the amount of characters, even numbers baby haha.

ARN: Talk me through your creative process.
Shojon: I couldn’t describe my full process I don’t even understand it properly myself; what I do know for part of my song writing at least, my aim is to harness vibrations that resonate with frequencies within the emotional framework of a concept. Ill record myself humming various chords and melodies to find tones I feel reflect the right sentiment and then play them back to see how they make me feel. When it comes to the lyrics Ill use the ‘Hum Skeletons’, freestyle and string some lyrics together.  Figure out the overall message I would like to convey and then begin to structure the song to have an impactful delivery.

ARN: Where and how do you work best?
Shojon: The where is at That SP Studios in front of what I like to refer to as my brain (2x 27inch Samsung screens and a mac pro). It has everything I need to do what I do (of course its attached to an Avalon 737 and Neumann U87 mic) but I’m sure we all know by now the music game is about more than just the music! At ‘my brain’ I’m able research current trends and interact with fans to get a better feel of my audience. My music style tends to vary in genre and intonation, and tend to require tailored methods for delivery to suit their respective audiences. For the most part I work better alone zoning out in to a creative mind space with only a select few having the ability to work with the same ‘flow’, but I do also enjoy and benefit from a good collective mind session. A funny thing I have noticed, being the competitive Scorpio I am, if in a room with someone silently in their own flow seemingly whizzing through whatever they have going on… I tend to start working with just that little bit more oompf!

ARN: Have you heard the theory that some musicians write their best music while they’re depressed or going through a bad time?
Shojon: Of course! Listening to so much music and the energy some songs give, you can usually tell if it’s coming from within and relative to the writer. Working with 100s of artists I have witnessed different emotions adding to a composition in various ways. Now for the plug…’Greenwich Views EP’ being released early next was a project I initially started to help get through a time I battled with mental health issues and completed the rest of the songs with my reflections on overcoming those struggles. Theorem is the first release from ‘Greenwich Views’ in which between the catchy cheesy love rhymes I break down my initial stages of subjugating my depressive mind set.

ARN: What tools do you find indispensable?
Shojon: I do feel a bit of a “Basic B****” saying this like any 21st century humanoid, but a solid internet connection 1st and foremost as knowledge is power and research is key! The next would be a computer system that is able to handle 200 browser tabs and 5+ media applications at the same time, in times of grind the tools cannot lack. But I must add, give me a broken 4b pencil and torn piece off a cardboard box id still go bar for bar, lyric for lyric, scheme for scheme… you get the point! So I guess what im actually trying to say is, as long as I have my faculties and self-belief in my grind nothings impossible #finewine plug.       

ARN: Do you have a mantra?
“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” Latin for “I shall either find a way or make one”
“We are the cornerstones and capstones of our own design”
“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
“Earth is the biggest entertainment network and its SHO-Time”

ARN: Have there been many obstacles in your career?
Shojon: LMFAO, yeah way more than expected and think should have been, but all gentle reminders and evaluators of what Shojon is S.H.O. They needn’t a mention in the rear-view there is the remnants of shame and missed opportunities in the wake of my dust, and bite it they shall! 

ARN: What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?
Shojon: Hmm… I have learned a lot so far almost too much but that’s not possible. Mainly I’ve learned entities whether legal or human aren’t as good as I thought they would be, coupled with the notion I’m better than I thought I was. My experiences and determination have led me to a place where I’m no longer halted by obstacles or a mind-set that sees less than greatness. I hate to say it as cliché as it is. At least on the come up, if you want something done right you gotta’ do it yourself until the accolade brings the vultures as well as the skilled-deserving to want to seek you out and shine alongside you. 

ARN: Has COVID-19 impacted your creative process?
Shojon: Covid impacted my creative process quite positively overall there were moments, where I was at a loss due to tours being cancelled and unable to stick to deadlines no way to distribute the chocolate and felt my mental health deteriorating, but the time the world stood still, I knew was the moment to go full steam ahead and I got my head in the game researching endlessly to figure a way. The energies in 2020 definitely shifted and I embraced it, my clarity and vision are up a vast percent enabling me to run towards the reality I deserve and the rewards I’ve been working towards.

ARN: What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?
Shojon: I believe I’ll have many legacies before I leave this plane, I’ve been told I have one already. SP, SP Mafia, That SP Studios. I will leave this earth better than I entered with positive energy embedded within works that will inspire and provoke beneficial wisdom.

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