May 30, 2023
Ex-Roxx Gang bassist Allen Brooks feels betrayed by former bandmate Stacey Blades

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

Ex-Roxx Gang bassist Allen Brooks feels betrayed by former bandmate Stacey Blades

Former Roxx Gang and Mojo Gurus bassist Allen Brooks was interviewed by Mark Clark for Red X Magazine back in August 2022. Brooks was in Roxx Gang and Mojo Gurus from 1996 to 1998 before getting let go after a telephone call with fellow bandmate / guitarist Stacey Blades (ex-L.A. Guns, ex-Angels In Vein).

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

In terms of what led to his departure from Roxx Gang and Mojo Gurus, Brooks indicated: “Being in a band is like being in a relationship in many ways and sometimes things are said that can’t be taken back as what led to me leaving the band. Back in 1998, I called Stacey one day to get some shit off my shoulders about the bands and he must have handed the phone over to Brett (Kevin’s brother and Roxx Gang/Mojo Gurus manager) because all of the sudden Brett told me clearly that if I really felt that way I should quit. So I did quit, citing ‘Creative Differences and Lack Of Financial Fulfillment’. All I really know is that before I called Stacey I was in the band and after I called Stacey, I was not in the band any longer. I do admit to saying some very hurtful things about Kevin and Brett. All of which in my opinion were true but was still not meant for their ears. It was a private fucking phone call. Stacey fucked me hard! No lube! Just a good dry fucking! So…. It was over and there was nothing that I could do but keep on moving on.

I have tried hard to forgive Stacey for what he did to me but it has been very difficult. If he was really my friend, he would have listened to me and told me to chill out. Yes, I should have never called him and quickly realized I should have never considered him to be one of my best friends. Bad on me! And to think I had just finished recording all of my bass and vocal parts for the first Mojo Gurus CD. I’m guessing Kevin removed me from the CD, the artwork and the credits. I never looked into it and I’ve never publicly spoken of my time in Roxx Gang / Mojo Gurus but now that I am almost 60 years old, I realize this is part of my legacy and I deserve to be recognized for the years I spent in Roxx Gang and also as a founding member of Mojo Gurus.

A video popped up on my feed recently of Stacey on Ryan Roxie’s podcast called ‘In The Trenches’ which is what kind of got all this started up for me. After watching the podcast I contacted Stacey more than once and offered him the chance to clear things up with me one way or the other, fore we have never spoke after that fateful phone call back in 1998… But he never responded to my emails… In my opinion, Stacey is obviously a weak and pathetic excuse for a man. No substance! Zero integrity! (I was even told that back in the day, LA Guns were going to audition me as bassist and Stacey shot it down. Don’t know how true that is, but that is what I was told).”

You can read the rest of the interview with Allen Brooks via Red X Magazine‘s website.

Roxx Gang / Mojo Gurus from 1996 to 1999 (video from Allen Brooks‘ YouTube page):

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