December 3, 2023
Sam Ryder

If you tuned into Sam Ryder’s BBC New Years bash (opens in new tab), you’ll know he throws a great party. A former wedding singer who honed his stage chops at receptions across Essex and the South East, he knows exactly how to get a crowd going. From Taylor Swift and Bryan Adams mega-hits to an I Believe In A Thing Called Love duet with Justin Hawkins, it was gloriously, gleefully uncool fun for the whole family. 

But ask Sam about the music that really shaped him, and things get a little spicier – and a lot heavier. The pop hits are still there, but he’s at least as quick to enthuse about Iron Maiden, Metallica and Queen, reflecting years of guitar geekery, closed doors and short-lived bands (including rock and hardcore groups as well as busking, wedding and club gigs). 

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