April 13, 2024
Escuela Grind Guitarist Claims He's Being Replaced for Mentioning "Safety Concerns"

The final two shows on Escuela Grind’s current tour will be guitarist Thomas Sifuentes’ last after he was told by the band he’s being replaced after bringing up apparent safety concerns. News of his eventual departure from the band came straight from Sifuentes himself, who posted an update on his Instagram account thanking fans for all the support throughout his time with the band.

In his public statement, which you can find below, Sifuentes said that he was proud of the work he did with the band and that he loved meeting the fans.

“Big news!

“These next two shows will be my last with Escuela Grind. I was informed I’m being replaced after bringing up some safety concerns. It was a fuckin honor exerting every ounce of energy I had for you, all those shows. I was gettin busy ngl! The greatest times though, above all else, was meeting all of you! My new friends. You all pulled me in and sold me on this life again after many years away from heavy music. Until next time you murfuggers! ????????????????????”

When a fan said it was “kind of lame” for the rest of the band to replace him for that reason, he responded by saying that it was his hearing that was “jeopardized carelessly” by a member of the band. He also alleges that when he brought up the safety, he was told that he was whining and “killing the vibe” before ultimately being told the band was “looking for a replacement anyways.”

We reached out to the band’s representatives but were told that Escuela Grind was not making any statement on the matter at this time.

Despite it all, Sifuentes said there was “no drama” involved in this situation. There’s no news at this time as to who will replace Sifentes, but once that comes out, we’ll let you know.

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