April 19, 2024
Erica Banks Says Only Thick Girls Can Go To The Club With Her


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Erica Banks Says Only Thick Girls Can Go To The Club With Her

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Erica Banks is defending herself on social media after sharing some interesting comments on Instagram.

The “Buss It” crafter is rethinking who is in her “Close Friends” circle after someone leaked a video of Banks revealing the girls she goes clubbing with must have “a certain type of look” to be in her clique.

“If she don’t look how I want her to look, physically, I don’t want her to come because the look of everything is so important to me,” Banks unabashedly told her Close Friends circle.

“If she ain’t thick enough, no. Hair not did good enough? Nope. Can’t dress? Nope. Skinny? Nope!” she said while laughing.


Banks did try to explain her stance, saying the girl who doesn’t meet the club criteria can come to other events like the cookout or listening party.

“It’s like, I don’t feel like I’m discriminating. I just want a certain type of look,” Banks continues. “She could be the sweetest girl I’ve ever met in my life, but if she don’t look the part, I don’t want her to come. It’s just not the vibe I’m on.”

“She can come to the cookout, she can come to the listening party, but the club? I feel like b****es gotta look a certain way to come,” she further added.

As expected, social media was not here for comments and was quick to remind her that she was once that skinny girl she refused to club with before the BBL changed her life.

“Did your friends treat you this way pre-surgery? Ew energy so musty,” one Instagram user said in The Neighborhood Talk’s comment section.

“I hate how surgery and weaves have set the standard of beauty in our community,” another user added.

Instead of clapping back in the IG Gossip blog’s comment section, Erica Banks decided to respond on Twitter.

“Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion & I’ve never been one to convince people of liking mine. My preference of who I club with when it comes to my brand has nothing to do with y’all. Y’all never liked me anyway so why would I care about what y’all think about anything I say?” the rapper said on Twitter.

She’s also decided to respond to a user who reminded her she went under the knife.

After doubling down on her preference, Banks tweeted that she has plenty of love for skinny and non-thick women but reiterated that she doesn’t like hitting the club with them.

Twitter has no chill and is dragging her by her surgically enhanced goods. You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Josh Brasted / Getty


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