June 2, 2023
Eric Prydz Teases HOLO Tour Coming In 2023

Pryda boss and visual production legend Eric Prydz has teased the announcement of an upcoming HOLO 2023 tour beginning at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Eric Prydz’s HOLO show has been praised as one of the most visually interesting and innovative performances in dance music with 3D images that send the attendees into an experience unlike any other. Featured effects are a giant whale floating over the audience, a hand reaching out across the crowd, and plenty of flashing lasers.

Prydz teased the 2023 tour on Twitter simply saying “Eric Prydz Presents HOLO 2023” along with a clip from one of the visuals from the show.

The HOLO show made appearances this year at huge international festivals like Tomorrowland and Amsterdam Dance Event, reigniting the buzz around his insane production skills. Not much is known about this upcoming HOLO event, but the record has shown Eric Prydz pushes the boundary of production for every show.

The famed producer has largely taken a break from releasing original music, his latest 2022 release being a remix of Anyma and Chris Avantgarde’s viral track “Consciousness.”

Check out Eric Prydz’s HOLO tease below. There is currently no information on where he will play or when tickets will go on sale.


Featured image from Eric Prydz

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