March 21, 2023
Paul Oakenfold at Sunset at EDITION

Fans around the world can join in on an interactive watch and play of Paul Oakenfold’s PerfectoVerse concert experience.

Pushing the boundaries has never been an issue for Grammy-nominated DJ Paul Oakenfold. He’s taken dance music beyond the club and stage to the highest reaches of Mount Everest and Patagonia, he’s broken genre bounds with an impressive catalog of releases, he’s scored films, and explored the cinematic realm over the past four decades. Now, Oakenfold is pushing the limit again with a brand new, interactive concert experience, PerfectoVerse.

On December 22, PerfectoVerse will premier worldwide. Fans can enjoy a 72-minute concert film featuring Oakenfold’s avatar playing some of his biggest hits in a futuristic metaverse. This experience is enabled by cutting-edge, immersive technology by YOOM, which captures Oakenfold’s movements and even facial features to bring him to life. You’ll even see different avatars representing Oakenfold’s different looks throughout the years. Step into the world he’s created for this one-of-a-kind show.

PerfectoVerse is a 72-minute movie with me DJ’ing my greatest hits! It has stunning visual effects and I encourage you to check out my interactive self as an avatar, plus all the tracks have been remixed with 3D audio for an amazing new listening experience. I can’t wait to get my fan’s reactions!

Paul Oakenfold

PerfectoVerse will transport fans to an unparalleled virtual experience with fantastical surroundings and a visually stunning stage. Viewers can watch in three ways; on their TV, laptop, and tablet. All tickets come with an immersive web browser experience featuring three bonus songs. Use your mouse to drag, click, and zoom to change your viewpoint in this 360° stage, all the while Paul Oakenfold’s avatar plays the song. You can even control the special effects within the experience! We recommend watching both the main show and web extras with headphones to experience the true magic of the spatial 360° sound!

The online immersive concert goes live Thursday, December 22, at 9 PM. Once you start watching, you have 48 hours to watch. Tickets for Paul Oakenfold’s PerfectoVerse immersive concert film are on sale now. To purchase yours and be part of the show, visit the official website.

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