September 23, 2023
Emalkay, The Others, Subscape

The ravey dubstep EP on Deadbeats from Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape proves why this group of artists is devilishly delightful.

Craving some classic dubstep tunes with a contemporary twist? Look no further than the newest Flashpoint EP produced and composed collectively by UK-based bass artists Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape. A truly tripartite victory, the eight-track project is perfectly crafted for anyone looking for that nostalgic old-school dubstep feeling paired with a fresh never-back-down attitude. Released by Deadbeats, the music on this EP offers up a devilishly delightful moshpit of 140 BPM rave bangers.

Each track carries an atmospheric opening before plunging you into madness. Starting off the bat, Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape come together to tug at your “Heartstrings” with their first track. This tune embodies a head-banging cadence created by filthy basslines and syncopated drum patterns that are layered against a full orchestral backdrop, which are elements carried throughout the EP.

On the third track, “Music Makers,” listeners really get to hear the trio’s contemporary youthful twist on classic rave sounds, as the track boasts a beastly staccato beat that will leave you breathless. The remainder of the EP is equally relentless. From “Berserker” – one of the lead singles previously released off the EP – to the final tracks “Maybe We Can Start Again” and “Fade 2 Nothing,” the parade of rail-riding anthems will strut past your ears in head-banging glory.

Reaching the end of the EP, it’s obvious that Flashpoint is the perfect name for this body of work from Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape. After all, a “flashpoint,” by its definition, is an explosive moment that comes together when special elements are combined in the perfect setting such that those elements can interact to their full potential. What better way to characterize the meeting of these heavy minds on this epic EP?

Listen to the Flashpoint EP from Emalkay, The Others, and Subscape below on Spotify or your preferred platform, and don’t forget to stream/purchase these massive tracks on your favorite platform today!

Stream Emalkay, The Others, Subscape – Flashpoint EP on Spotify:

Emalkay, The Others, Subscape – Flashpoint EP – Tracklist:

  1. Heartstrings
  2. Inside My Head
  3. Music Makers
  4. Ghoul
  5. Higher
  6. Berserker
  7. Maybe We Can Start Again
  8. Fade 2 Nothing

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