April 13, 2024
Elohim and MEMBA Team Up for New Dancefloor Heater, "Mirrors" - EDM.com

Elohim and MEMBA have teamed up for a new collab, “Mirrors,” a dancefloor heater with a hypnotic blend of swirling synths and distorted sound design.

“Mirrors” encapsulates an introspective ethos as Elohim and MEMBA challenge their inner selves and images against reality. The track’s visualizer further illustrates this theme via a trippy audiovisual with contorting images of rave scenes.

“When I wrote ‘Mirrors’ I was picturing a dialogue with a different version of myself,” Elohim said in a press statement. “Talking to her, shaking her up, and telling her to wake up. It always feels like a trip when I’m speaking with my inner self, then flash—back to reality like I’m coming down off medication.”

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