December 4, 2022
Elijah the Boy - Over You FM Spotlight

Elijah the Boy guarantees his ex will reap what she sows in “Over You.” 

Heartbroken yet sure that time heals all wounds, the musician hints that his former flame will eventually regret her decisions. Despite the issue, the beat blends somber arrangements with Jersey Club, hinting that we must let go of things we cannot control. 

As Elijah the Boy delivers his rhymes in a bouncy cadence, it’s also unveiled that she was unfaithful. But, regardless of her infidelity, the artist is confident she’ll be remorseful. 

The Lyrics

Seeing Elijah’s indifference toward the situation will initiate his ex to make amends. 

He vocalizes,

“Tell that n*gga that you cheated with that/That n*gga ain’t me/(What)/That n*gga ain’t me/And you know he’ll never be/You going have to hear my name every time you outside in the streets/You going have to hear them stories bout them b*tches I hit all week.” 

PC: Elijah the Boy’s Team

While making strides to move on, Elijah the Boy admits that this betrayal has taken a toll on his heart. At the same time, he’s going to remain in good spirits. This lesson then ultimately turned into a blessing.

“I ain’t know that heartbreak feel like dying yeah it kill like that/Tonight I’m drinking/42/In hope that I get/Over You,” he raps.
“So bring out more bottles/Every girl in this v.i.p sections a model/I just go and set the trends and let everyone follow/Round of applause girl for what you did bravo, look what you do.”

Before “Over You” ends, Elijah the Boy affirms that his next girlfriend will do right by him. He also questions his ex’s motives, stating that he’d never break his loyalty to those he loves.

He delivers,

“I could have me a different girl every day doing freak sh*t/But that’s not how I’m raised bae/I been dealing with the pain bae/Always try to tell the truth cause I don’t want to hurt them the same way/You did to me/Ain’t the fact you cheated it’s the way you did that sh*t to me/How you fuck a n*gga for some months and ain’t say sh*t to me?”

Elijah the Boy

PC: Elijah the Boy’s Team

“Over You” Inspiration

About the song’s inspiration, Elijah the Boy says:

“I had recently got out of a relationship and found out the girl I was with cheated on me. I was in the club one night, drinking and feeling dark, and it dawned on me. If I’m going to speak about everything, it has to be a song that’s undeniable, and that will get played everywhere.”

Listen To “Over You” By Elijah The Boy Below:

Written by: Natalee Gilbert

Edited by: Nikita Serdiuk

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