September 25, 2023
Elderbook Little Love Tour Avant Gardner 2023

Elderbrook put his charming versatility on full display with his recent Little Love tour stop at the Great Hall in New York.

Visions of passionately dancing bodies swept across the Great Hall, their silhouettes contrasted against the thick blanket of mesmerizing lights. The atmosphere was dazzling as the tender electronic music conveyed a sense of deep introspection. That was the weightless and dreamy peak quality at the hour mark of Elderbrook’s Little Love North American Tour at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn.

Known for many things, the multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer proved why he is a live phenomenon at his sold-out concert. Playing his biggest show in the city to date, Elderbrook’s Little Love Tour was accompanied by visually captivating stage lighting, which created brilliant depth to the energetic atmosphere in the concert hall, allowing the audience to peer behind the curtain of his creative vision.

There was nothing quite like watching a versatile artist skillfully integrate every aspect of his live performance at once – from singing, playing the drum pads, impressing the audience with his technical prowess on the DJ decks, and deftly entertaining the crowd, Elderbrook has an effortless ability to charm the crowd with his unquestionable talent.

Photo Credit: @adrian_hernandezz

Coming from an indie singer-songwriter background, the UK-born artist wasted no time to impress with his opening song, “Numb.”

He swiftly took the mic to show off his crooning vocals through the hauntingly beautiful track. Compared to a typical peak-time DJ set, one would expect an electronic show to blast off with booming beats and seismic, ground-breaking energy. However, Elderbrook chose to carefully weave the crowd through a tender, soulful introduction. Paired with subtle rhythmic beats and percussive kicks, the opening song was pure seduction in the electronic form.

Taking the crowd through his latest songs, such as “Talk It Over” and “Beautiful Morning,” Elderbrook infused meaningful narratives about love and yearning emotions into the core of his music. Then, he also displayed his dynamic ability to turn up the heat with blistering tracks like “Howl” and “Body.” Not forgetting to serve up tracks from his last album, Why Do We Shake In The Cold?, Elderbrook got the crowd involved with nostalgic tunes like “Set Fire to My Gun” and “Something About You.” He won over the hearts of many with his signature husky yet airy vocal delivery, imbuing a futuristic energy grounded by human touch.

Elderbook Little Love Tour Avant Gardner 2023
Photo Credit: @adrian_hernandezz

Above it all, Elderbrook knows exactly what the fans have been anticipating all night.

Saving the crowd-pleasing tracks “Dancing With My Ghost” and “Cola” till the end, he understands how to build up the adrenaline in the crowd. At last, Elderbrook closed his set with “All My Love” to cast real spells on everyone in the crowd. With his knack for exploring the sensitive and personal themes of identity, it was no doubt that he intentionally fired off this track as a farewell to tell the longing crowd, “I’ll give you all my love.”

Listen to Elderbrook’s latest album, Little Love, on Spotify or your preferred streaming service, and make sure to grab tickets to the rest of the Little Love tour to experience how his music epitomizes the exhilarating power of human touch through his production prowess!

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