December 5, 2023
EGZOD Makes Spinnin’ Records Debut with Bertie Scott on “The Way Out” [Out Now]

EGZOD has an interesting twist to the way he produces music. From even his earliest projects like “Talisman” to more recent projects like “Royalty”, the Portuguese-French producer and DJ has always had a knack for making his tracks sound bigger than they appear. Through auspicious creativity and dramatic flair, EGZOD’s music has a way to captivate listeners with thunderous drums, supernatural synths, and surprise elements from one track to the next. That work ethic is exemplified on his latest single “The Way Out” featuring Bertie Scott.

The song starts with a distant horn that sounds like the intro to an epic story. Bertie Scott chimes in with this whispery-singing that sets a calm tone to this otherwise anthemically-building song. The synths on this future-bass, melodic dubstep drop are stacked like a thick wall of euphoria while the drums pound like shots in the dark. On the second go around, EGZOD’s drop takes a hyper-house beat and goes in while the synths fortify their captivating soundscape. If any of EGZOD’s song were to make it to the legendary Spinnin’ Records, I’m ecstatic that it’s this one.

Make sure to take a listen to “The Way Out” via Spinnin’ Records.

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