September 25, 2023
EDMsauce Sits Down with Young Up and Coming Artist, Cyazon

Cyazon is a young talent on the rise. His high-quality and powerful releases have earned him a high spot on the list of artists to follow; merging cyberpunk/futuristic aesthetics and sounds, Cyazon has made a name for himself showcasing his boundless talent and skills as a music producer and DJ. 


His popular weekly radio show ‘Cyber Future’ shares the best new Electro, Dubstep and EDM music from DJs all over the world, while also displaying Cyazon’s sound and style through his own productions.


His show is being broadcasted on radio stations all over the world as well as online via platforms like Mixcloud and 1001Tracklists; now, he shares an overview of how the show has changed, what he’s learned from this time mixing for ‘Cyber Future’ and what he hopes to achieve with the show in the near future.


Hello Cyazon, how are you?
Hello! Doing well, thank you.


‘Cyber Future’ is reaching new milestones every month, how has the show evolved since the first episodes?

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The three noticeable ways it has evolved is being on more radio stations every month, having guest artists featured on the show, and each episode getting more views on 1001Tracklists.


How has been the feedback and reception of the show in your experience?

It’s really hard to say what the feedback and reception has been other than being placed on new radio stations and getting more views. I am assuming it’s positive. 


What things have you learned from having your own radio show?

Having patience in the radio show building traction and publicity is key I believe. Also, being regular with researching new songs is something new I learned too. 


What’s your favorite part about curating mixes for ‘Cyber Future’?

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That I get to feature the newest and exciting music in Dubstep, Melodic EDM Bass music, and Cyberpunk/Futuristic music as well.


Are there any exciting guests coming to the show soon?

There is one artist in November that has a big following coming to the show. So that should be exciting.


What new milestones would you like to achieve in the near future?

Mainly getting more label releases with who I want to release with and playing more consistent shows. 


How would you say ‘Cyber Future’ stands out from other radio shows?

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I would say it has a futuristic feel to it with my mixes. It has a sci-fi/cyberpunk sound to it while also being melodic too.


What keeps you inspired to create mixes for the show?

Mainly with the expectation that a new mix has to be out every week. So having that routine really keeps me inspired to find new music and create the mixes for the show.


What would you like to say to the listeners of ‘Cyber Future’?

Hope you’re enjoying the shows every week, and hoping to bring on bigger guests within my sound and be placed on bigger radio stations in the future. 


Listen to ‘Cyber Future’:

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Cyazon Online: 

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