March 25, 2023
EDM Maniac Announces Media Partnership With AREA15: Las Vegas' Otherworldly Experience

EDM Maniac is headed to Las Vegas as we announce our partnership with the immersive, psychedelic experience unlike any other, AREA15.

Not to be confused with the secret government bunker that supposedly holds aliens, AREA15 is just as out-of-this-world. There are countless experiences for both adults and kids to explore where fantasy and technology meet for a journey through the otherworldly.

We are excited to be their partner to share updates about events, cool exclusive content, and all of the unique AREA15 activities all year long.

AREA15 strongly supports dance music, making this collaboration a seamless blend. They have previously hosted events with ATLiens, HALIENE, Blastoyz, and Testpilot, and have an upcoming psychedelic wonderland show with LSDream, Eazybaked, and Space Wizard.

AREA15’s anchor tenant, Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, is an interactive, mind-bending immersive art experience and the second permanent installation by the internationally known Santa Fe art collective.  It may look like a supermarket, but behind every cereal box, carton of eggs, or roll of toilet paper are surreal worlds and unexpected landscapes.

There are also plenty of AR and VR experiences such as dodgeball, a “Birdly” flight simulator that literally turns you into a bird, a scavenger hunt, a Van Gogh experience, and more.

For those looking for a thrill, there’s Haley’s Comet zipline plus two intergalactic art experiences that explore light and sound: Wink World and Museum Fiasco.

Not to mention the many bars that turn a working distillery into an amusement park, an indoor golf experience, and a place to throw axes.

We can’t wait to take you along on this fantasy journey with AREA15.

Check out the video below to learn more about AREA15 and all of the wild experiences they have to offer click here

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