February 26, 2024
EDM Community Rallies To Support Victims Amidst Mize Sexual Assault Allegations

The dance community rallied to support victims earlier today as allegations of sexual assault hit dubstep DJ Mize.

A user on Twitter posted about the incident saying Mize kept moving her hand to inappropriate places when she was trying to sleep. She claims she only went public after receiving a cease and desist from his team, trying to stop the news from going public. Since then, several other posts, including a Reddit post from 2021, have come to light claiming Mize has a history of sexual assault.

The DJ was slated to play GRiZ’s Another World, but was removed with GRiZ saying, “Won’t tolerate sexual abuse allegations. Blindsided by the news. My heart goes out to the victims, who never deserved to be treated that way.” GRiZ is an advocate for dance music safe spaces with his program, The Harmony Project, which promotes harm reduction and respect for all at events.

Many other artists followed with Space Wizard removing his collaborations with Mize and Peekaboo and Mersiv both speaking out publicly against the behavior.

GRiZ’s The Harmony Project and Good Night Out Vancouver are two organizations dedicated to preventing sexual harassment and assault in the dance music community, providing resources for both prevention and crisis.

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