September 26, 2023
Eddie Ojeda still can't believe Twisted Sister didn't videotape any shows from their 'Come Out And Play' tour

Eddie Ojeda still can’t believe Twisted Sister didn’t videotape any shows from their ‘Come Out And Play’ tour

Back on November 9, 1985, Twisted Sister released their fourth studio album Come Out And Play and they set out on a major headlining tour throughout the United States of America. Unfortunately, that tour was cut short due to low attendance and there is only one known live video footage stemming from that now historic tour.

Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda commented earlier today via the band’s Facebook page how surprised he is that the band never videotaped any of the shows from that tour.

Eddie Ojeda here

I still can’t believe that we never videotaped that show it was our biggest production of all time and it was very costly when we took it on the road.

Thanks for the video like you said, I believe it’s the only footage that somebody did probably using an 8 mm camera back in the 80s.”

Twisted Sister’s setlist on Jan. 30, 1986:
01. Come Out & Play — 0:00
02. Leader Of The Pack — 
03. Under The Blade — 
04. I Believe In Rock & Roll — 
05. You Can’t Stop Rock & Roll — 
06. I Am I’m Me — 
07. We’re Not Gonna Take It — 
08. Burn In Hell — 
09. I Wanna Rock — 
10. You Want What We Got — 
11. The Price — 
12. Be Chrool To Your School — 

Twisted Sister‘s live set from the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan, USA on January 30, 1986:


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