May 30, 2023
DUMAKA’s versatility and dedication to his legacy opens the path to success

Reaching for the pinnacle of his dreams, DUMAKA continues to shatter milestones on his way to becoming a successful artist.

David Lee spent his early years of life growing up in the Bay Area, California where he came up around the streets, learning through his experiences as he aged. He would discover his ability behind the mic to take his experiences and weave them into dope lyrics and smooth melodies that create music like artists he aspired to reach. He would begin releasing songs of his own under his middle name, DUMAKA, and it quickly became evident that he had the potential to become one of the greats of the industry.

Dropping a number of singles and building a buzz, DUMAKA eventually made his way to the city of Atlanta where he currently resides making strides towards his goals and aspirations as an independent artist. DUMAKA has a unique style when it comes to his sound. His music isn’t boxed into one category but consists of various genres and tunes. Known for making club bangers, pop sensations, and trap classics, DUMAKA never stops pushing the envelope of his craft. Never wanting to remain stagnant, his sound is always transitioning with his experimentation with different compositions of his style. His dedication to always being ahead of the game sonically, reflects in his achievements along his path to the top. DUMAKA has been featured on popular Rap platforms and social media by the likes of SayCheese, ItsBizkitt, FatboySSE and Soulja Boy’s newest SODMG label signee, SkinnyFromThe9. His music saw a burst of streams as he grew, surpassing 6.8 million views on YouTube across hit singles like “Melted” which to date has over 4 million views.

DUMAKA plans to decrease the gap between him and the hip hop top spot with the release of his “Chemical” series that will showcase his lyrical and melodic evolution over freestyles with varying themes, feels, and artwork. His first cut from the series is titled, “Chemical 1” and lived up to every bit of the hype. With changing flows between fast lyrical rhyme schemes to slowed singing type raps, DUMAKA does the first chemical release justice.

DUMAKA’s music is an experience to the ear. His songs create a vibe yet to be felt in the industry. Check out his new “Chemical 1” freestyle and be on the lookout for his upcoming singles and albums as he charts the path to iconic status and musical success.


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