December 11, 2023
Drummer Andrew Baird Has Quit Fallujah

After roughly 16 years behind the kit for Fallujah, drummer Andrew Baird took to social media to announce he was stepping down from the critically lauded tech death metal band.

In his statement, released earlier today via social media, Baird said he spent some time thinking about his future with the band before coming to his final decision.

“It’s with very heavy heart, that I have decided to step down as drummer of Fallujah.

“This was a decision that I didn’t make lightly, and a lot of thought was put into this for quite awhile now.

“We’ve done a whole lot together, and they were there for me when I was going through some of the toughest moments of my life. The band has shaped me in so many ways, that I can’t even begin to write down all of them in this post. And I’m very privileged and grateful for the opportunities to take our talent and music around the world for everyone to enjoy.

“Don’t worry, I love the hell out of those boys, I’m not done being a musician, and I’m definitely not done tearing shit up.

“But right now I need to make a course adjustment that my heart has been really needing.

“I know this isn’t easy to read, or to understand. I’m doing what I feel is best, and I thank you for your immeasurable support. I’m still here and this isn’t the last.

Love ya”

Baird had been with the band since 2007. Since then, he’s been featured on the band’s various releases. Despite his importance to the band, none of the remaining members have issued a statement regarding Baird’s departure.

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