September 27, 2023
brownies & lemonade

Babe, wake up, Brownies & Lemonade just dropped an announcement about bringing their DNBNL showcase to Denver.

Since Brownies & Lemonade hit the scene, dentists have had an increase in clients from the influx of countless hours of sugar intake attendees have been indulging. With their hand heavily in the thick of the music scene, their events continually sell out nights full of proper entertainment. While the Los Angeles-based brand has graced other regions around the world over the years, their drum and bass event, DNBNL, hasn’t landed elsewhere. But after teasing that they were planning to take this showcase beyond Southern California, Denver has become the next city to play host.

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On Thursday, November 10, Brownies & Lemonade will debut in the bass capital with their Drum and Bass All Night Long (DNBNL) event at The Church Nightclub. As usual, the lineup for the night is on the hush for now, but if there’s one thing you can count on the Brownies & Lemonade crew to deliver is a night full of artists the scene needs a dose of. The most recent edition of DNBNL in Los Angeles featured heavy hitters in the scene, such as Camo & Krooked and Delta Heavy – so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for hints that will surface ahead of the show.

Tickets for the grand debut of Brownies & Lemonade’s DNBNL at The Church Nightclub in Denver are available now and are selling like fresh brownies hot out of the oven. Head over to Coclubs to grab them while you still can. There’s no doubt that the Brownies & Lemonade crew will go all out for their first show in Denver, so don’t miss out on this monumental moment.

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