September 23, 2023
Quentin Miller x Drake

Drake’s former ghostwriter Quentin Miller said he never received a publishing check for the songs he wrote for the rapper. Miller also said he had to feed his family by “getting paid under the table.”


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Miller shared that he hoped writing for Drake would have changed his life while getting out of a publishing deal with record producer Trick Stewart. 

“I never got a publishing check off of any Drake songs,” former ghostwriter Quentin Miller told VladTV.

Miller signed to Stewart in 2011 but didn’t “get out of the deal” until 2019. He also said he had to get paid with under-the-table money to provide for his family.

“I was just grinding it out,” Miller said, “hoping that one day, or that one song, working with that one artist is going to change something. And it was the Drake thing, but it just didn’t change anything.”

In 2015, the ghostwriter’s name was involved in the controversial Drake and Meek Mill beef. Drizzy used a reference in the song R.I.C.O. which included lyrics Miller rapped on the same song.

CMG rapper GloRilla has also been vocal about her financial run-ins with Drizzy and said she never got paid for her hit song, “FNF (Let’s Go).”

By Cyrus Langhorne (10/01//2018)

Back in 2018, Quentin stated that he has zero intent on working with the 6 God again. This was stated in a series of since-deleted tweets referencing his distanced relationship with rap star Drake.

According to reports, Miller revealed he isn’t focused on breaking bread with Drizzy ever again.

“Never doing anything with that guy again,” Miller—who shared the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late cut “No Tellin” the same day—said, as spotted over at r/hiphopheads. The tweet was in response to someone telling him to link up with Drake again. Shortly after, Miller clarified his decision to delete the tweet in question. “I literally don’t even care for that to become a thing,” he said. “We’re finished.. he’s doing him, I’m doing me…point blank.” Miller added that fans should just enjoy If You’re Reading This. “That’s it tho,” he said. “Sh*t dead.” That tweet has also since been removed. (Complex)

Over that summer, Miller said close ties to Drake and Pusha-T forced him to fall back on their war of words.

“When it comes to the Drake/Pusha thing, Complex did a timeline of their history beefing with each other. I can’t really say that one can’t diss the other. I feel like they’ve both kinda been taking shots at one another. Now when it comes to me in the situation, like I said, after the Meek situation – I’ve been out here on my own, building my own relationships, working with whoever. I met Pusha-T through Hit-Boy – when I linked up with him, I told him I’m trying to do my own thing – he always showed love. When it came to that, I couldn’t pick a side because I hadn’t spoke to ‘that’ side in years and this dude been a good dude to me this whole time.” (“Everyday Struggle”)

Meanwhile, Miller released his “Destiny” song where he referenced getting dragged into the Pusha/Drake dispute.

“Name drops, name drops, I hear name drops,” Quentin raps. “Old friends got suggestions/Nicki poppin’ off, she ain’t never met me/N*ggas got opinions and don’t even know me/I don’t even want the crown I’m just doing me/Mike WiLL, Metro, they ’bout as old as me/Want to be mentioned with them not just some old beef/If You Reading This was like 2015, I lost a leg in ’16/Look, if you can’t tell by now, I ain’t about the hype, I create waves” (“Destiny”)

At the time, Nicki Minaj came to Drake’s defence. She referenced Pusha throwing shade at Drake over his past ties to Quentin Miller.

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