April 17, 2024


After speaking about the L’s and W’s Drake has taken in love, the rapper is now getting candid about talking about it in his music. He recently sat down with Lil Yachty in an interview, he expresses that the power of his lyrics could affect their lives. “I think that and sometimes when I’ve said girls’ names in songs, maybe those are the two things that I look back on and I’m like, ‘Maybe I coulda done without, like, s***ting on people for age or disrupting somebody’s life.’ The lyrics are never with ill intent, but I had somebody tell me one time, ‘You know, it’s not necessarily what you’re saying about me, it’s the fact that you said it.’”

Drake Reflects On His Lyrics

He continued to elaborate that a particular ex-girlfriend of his had a conversation with him about his lyrics. “Just in the sense like, ‘You don’t know what it does to me. You don’t know who my boyfriend is at the time or you don’t know what my family knows or doesn’t know. And if you express any form of discontent for me and call me by name in a song, then all of a sudden I’m left to pick up the pieces of my own life that I’ve tried to build up for myself.’ So I’ve tried my best to stop doing that. But I like to be honest in music too, so that one’s a push and pull.”

In the same interview, Drake hinted at a “graceful exit” from music but that may not be the case. Yachty referenced Drizzy’s song “Western Road Flows” where he says that he plans to retire at 35. “I hate hearing that s**t,” he said. At the time of writing the song, he was 26 and believed 35 years old was old enough to retire.

Last August, Drake was a guest on Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio where he further addressed his retirement.“I’m not at that point where I even consider that being an option.”

In February, Drake won his first Grammy in over four years for his collaboration with Future and Tems for their song “Wait For U.”

Written By: Roy Lott


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