March 28, 2023
DJ Eramatic Drops Visual for " La Modelo Remix" Feat Tonio Luv

DJ Eramatic linked up with Tonio Luv to give us a club banger called ” La Modelo Remix.” This record is a slam dunk across the board. It has a beat that fans would love to dance the night away to. The track has a Miami party scene vibe. The style of the music is Latin, Afro Beats, Dembow, and Reggaeton which gives it a unique spin on things.

DJ Eramatic also dropped a video for his record “La Modelo Remix” The video is simple but it truly brings life to the record from a visual perspective. DJ Eramatic and Tonio Luv go back and forth in the video, recording the song and performing it as well.

DJ Eramatic is doing amazing things and his vision for the brand is to keep pushing and don’t stop. He plans on being signed within the next 5 years, touring around the world and building the fan base one fan at a time.

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