February 23, 2024
DISCREATION Shares "God Of War" Lyric Video

Death metal heavy weights Discreation will release their sixth studio album, entitled Iron Times, via Massacre Records on March 24th in Europe, and April 7th in North America. Pre-orders can be placed here.

Created during the Corona pandemic and under the impression of a then impending – now ongoing war in the middle of Europe – inspired by the countless wars and turning points in history, Iron Times marks the band’s darkest record to date.

But, Iron Times is also a turning point for the band, as with Marc Grewe (ex-Morgoth), Discreation welcomed a true death metal legend to their ranks! His distinctive voice perfectly matches with the new album songs, while blast attacks, tank grooves, bleak melodies and grim determination showcase Discreation’s very own variant of German death metal.

Following the previously-released first single, the heavy as hell album title, the five-piece band has unleashed a lyric video for their second single “God Of War”:

Guitarist Sebastian Schilling comments: “‘God Of War’ is the personification of the ever-present potential for conflicts to turn into violence and war, even if no one actually wanted it to. In ‘Nothing New In The West’, the protagonist Paul Bäumer puts it this way: ‘I think it’s more a kind of fever. Nobody actually wants it, and all of a sudden it’s there.’ The song creeps forward like the first tanks in the Battle of the Somme, before the inevitable blast thunderstorm occurs.”

Iron Times was produced by Alexander Krull, who gave the album an earthy yet powerful sound. The goal was to capture the band’s raw live sound and add a contemporary punch – mission accomplished!


“Iron Times”

“Steel Legions”

“Bringer Of Demise”

“Blood Ritual”

“Deus Lo Vult”

“The Battle Rages On”

“God Of War”



“I Am The Sword” (CD Bonus Track)

(Cover artwork: Björn Gooßes / Killustrations)


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