February 21, 2024
Death Dealers Anonymous and Dr. KattyWhompus Join Forces On Genre-Fusing Single ‘God Bless The Dealers’

Death Dealers Anonymous and Dr. KattyWhompus are two upcoming artists that are quickly rising to the top. Their interstellar personas create a sense of mystery and excitement towards their productions, which is carried on through their unique style of experimental bass. In their new track “God Bless The Dealers”, heavy bass collides with hard rap for a captivating result.

The track features hypnotic rap lyrics that provide a solid framework for progressions of bass and other sound components to be laid on. With a buildup that’s overflowing with energy, a massive drop comes out of nowhere, sweeping the listener off their feet. Grimey dubstep suddenly arrives in waves, coercing the song’s audience to break out dance.

By merging elements of trap, dubstep, and rap, “God Bless The Dealers” is an anthem fit for any crowd, from warehouse raves to festival main stages. The single showcases Dr. KW and Death Dealers Anonymous’s creativity and expertise in sound design. Dr. KW is on point when she says the track is, “ like a John Wick flick but just the scenes with guns.” Get ready to headbang to this bombardment of bass and lyrical genius.

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