March 31, 2023
DEATH CODE at Basscon Wasteland 2023

Prior to his debut at Basscon Wasteland, we sat down with DEATH CODE to discuss the direction of his project, his latest releases, and more!

Almost a year ago, DEATH CODE retired his previous alias and unveiled his newest project that signaled his return to hard dance full-time. Over the past few months, the project has picked up momentum through un-imaginable collaborations like “INTO THE DARK” with Andy the Core and stunning performances like his debut at Exchange LA when he opened the night up for none other than Radical Redemption.

DEATH CODE hasn’t missed a step and has already planted the seeds of success for his project by finding his signature style, which seamlessly blends rock/metal and hard dance music in a hybrid genre that exudes energy and intensity – a perfect recipe for live shows. Apart from his musical style, he has created a brand that sticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise highly saturated market, as his visuals and artistic style encapsulate the feeling of living in an industrial dystopia.

Recently, DEATH CODE made his return to Barong Family with “HEARTACHE,” a collaboration with Stryer and Micah Martin. This track showcases the versatility that he possesses as he and Stryer combine elements of aggressive rawstyle with the electrifying melodies of hardstyle. The styles of both producers smoothly combine with the iconic vocals of Micah Martin to create a record that transcends genre barriers and proves hardstyle can hold lots of emotion while still giving listeners the tension release they seek with distorted kickdrums and drifting screeches.

In addition to his latest release, the Los Angeles-based producer recently made his Basscon Wasteland debut under the DEATH CODE name to give his fans a taste of what the future holds for his project. Just ahead of his performance, we were able to sit down and chat with him about the new project, his releases, and so much more. So crank up the volume on his Basscon Wasteland set, read on for our full conversation with DEATH CODE, and remember, it’s DC season – no Marvel.

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Just a little over a year ago, you launched the DEATH CODE project. What made you decide to move on from your previous project and present DEATH CODE?

A lot of things have chapters. [The previous project] was one thing, and it was just the end. I had a lot of fun doing it over the years but after doing it for so long, it got to the point where it doesn’t feel the same anymore. I knew, so I said to myself, ‘you know what? I’m going to start over,’ and this is what I’m doing with the new project. I love hardstyle, and it’s why I’m here right now.

With your latest releases, you’ve heavily leaned into rock/metal influences. Can you share more about how these genres inspire you when you’re in the studio making records?

I grew up listening to rock and metal music, so I already love that type of music. To me, that music is hard and intense; I love it. When I make hardstyle, it feels the same, so why not combine these genres that I love and release it?

You recently got to collaborate with Andy the Core for “Into The Dark.” What was the creative process like for this one, considering that Andy the Core is halfway around the world?

I’ve never met [Andy the Core] in person, and we had only exchanged words online. He’s the one that reached out to me wanting to work. If you know who he is, he’s been around for a long time. Some people even call him a legend, so it caught me off guard. I told him, ‘yeah I’m down. Let’s do this rock/metal crossover with hardcore,‘ and he was up for it. And then, we made “INTO THE DARK.”

Photo Credit: Christian Mendez

Your run as DEATH CODE is still on a hot streak with great collaborations with homegrown artists and heavyweights of the industry. However, can you give your fans here any teases of solo releases coming soon?

Today, I’m playing seven unreleased DEATH CODE songs. Some of them are collaborations, but most are singles by myself. They show what I’m trying to do with the project and what I’m going for moving forward. I hope the people will love what’s coming.

You’ve released three remixes of Oliver Tree, Slipknot, and Bring Me The Horizon. Will this be a recurring theme in your project in between official releases?

You’ve seen the trend and pattern, so yes, that’s something I’m trying to do. I have the original music, but I also want to keep content coming out, so why not make remixes of songs that everybody knows? So far, they’ve all been doing good and I do have more coming out.

How have you been preparing for your DEATH CODE debut at Basscon Wasteland?

I only slept four hours last night, but it’s a good thing because I always want my set to be perfect. It takes me so long to put these sets together and usually, I’m still preparing the night before a show or festival. For this set, I didn’t sleep until about 5 AM. It’s one of those things where it feels like it sucks in the moment, but I work to make it perfect. That’s how I come up with my sets.

DEATH CODE at Basscon Wasteland 2023
Photo Credit: Christian Mendez

Many people might not know that this isn’t your first time playing Basscon Wasteland as you were also here in 2018. Do you feel any different in terms of readiness and confidence in your current project?

I feel great, honestly. The other few times I played, it was either under Skellism when I was a part of a duo or with Junkie Kid. There was always someone else, but this time, it was all me. I love the feeling of having full control while I’m on stage and giving it my all. As I said earlier, I think people are gonna love the set this time.

Finally, with 2023 in full force, can you share with us any other professional goals you have set for yourself?

Right now, my team and I are working on getting more shows in the U.S. and overseas. I played a lot in Asia back then, so that’s a market we’re trying to get back into. In terms of music, I have a few releases coming and one actually on Basscon Records, which I’m premiering tonight. It’s called “Black Heart” with a big band named Outline in Color.


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