September 26, 2023
David Guetta and MORTEN at Hi Ibiza 2022

David Guetta and MORTEN kick off their Future Rave label with “Element,” the thunderous title track from their forthcoming EP on the imprint.

Think about what you were doing in the summer of 2010. Tumblr was still life for many, while Myspace page songs featured everyone from Skrillex to deadmau5. That summer, one of the most defining albums of both dance and pop for the decade dropped in the form of One Love by a French DJ named David Guetta. With features from some of pop and hip hop’s biggest names, including a hit tune called “Memories” with Kid Cudi, it was my first experience with hearing club music anywhere other than online, and a lot of fonder (and some blurry) high school moments were soundtracked by this iconic album.

While that album propelled David Guetta into the mainstream starlight for the next decade, he always made it a point to look forward while keeping his roots within touching distance. The tail end of that decade saw him team up with Dutchman MORTEN, who’d been quietly making a name for himself as well. 2020 saw the pair drop the destructive New Rave EP, a proper debut for the new genre they coined as “Future Rave.” Combining the best parts of big room, techno, and future house, the sound was instantly memorable, and the duo has spent the last three years perfecting that sound.

Single after single followed New Rave, each one watering the blossoming genre and giving it its time in the sun in the two producers’ garden. That brings us to the present, which sees David Guetta and MORTEN not just launch their new imprint bearing the same name as the genre they created years ago, but release a new single called “Element.”

Acting as the lead single from the two artist’s forthcoming EP of the same name, “Element” exudes everything that fans have come to love about the Future Rave genre. Within seconds you’ll find yourself immersed in a soundscape that features a heavy dose of raw rave energy from the ’90s and Dirty Dutch elements from the ’00s. By the time you get to the breakdown, melodic techno elements transport you to the darker side of dance before the seismic drop jars you back to remind you that this is a peak-time anthem.

For a label debut, the track is short, but in its simplicity, it also perfectly lays out the Future Rave mission: powerful, underground sounds tailored for the mainstage. Take a quick listen to “Element” on Spotify or your preferred platform, and stay tuned for more updates, including the release of their EP on November 4.

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