September 30, 2023
David Crosby and Iron Maiden

Heavy metal, as many of us know, just isn’t for everyone. Nevertheless, legendary singer-songwriter David Crosby raised more than a few eyebrows on Twitter last night (October 22) when he publicly described none other than living heavy metal icons Iron Maiden as “noise”, prompting a wave of Maiden defenders to arrive in his mentions.

Replying to a Tweet from guitarist and good friend Vin Downes celebrating his first Maiden show since 1986 (Downes noted: “they’re still as tight as ever [and] put on an amazing show”), Crosby remarked, rather bluntly, “It’s so weird to me that you like that noise.” This brought out legions of Maiden’s fans to point out that Crosby had, perhaps, been a little hasty in his take on the British metal heavyweights – one of which was Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick ,who politely and eloquently suggested that Crosby should perhaps go witness a Maiden show for himself to fully understand their appeal and power.

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