May 30, 2023
Dave Grohl Crashes Wet Leg's Set at Coachella: Watch

“Ur Mum,” a highlight from Wet Leg’s killer 2022 self-titled debut, fades out into a chorus of “do do do”s after singer Rhian Teasdale shows off her “longest and loudest scream.” When the buzzy indie band played the track at Coachella this weekend, Dave Grohl ran on stage to show off his iconic yowl.

At Wet Leg’s live shows, “Ur Mum” has become a moment for the band to play around during the extended scream bridge: each member of the band yells, as does the crowd, for even longer than the single’s studio version. Video of the Coachella performance shows Grohl taking advantage of the chaos: The livestream camera remains on Teasdale until, all of a sudden, Grohl is seen screaming at the mic.

Foo Fighters didn’t perform at Coachella this year, so the moment becomes even funnier when you realize Grohl was just at the festival to hang out. Donning cargo shorts and a sombrero(?), the clip looks like a random dad wandered on stage — until you realize he’s actually one of our biggest living rockstars with some of the most robust vocal chords around. Check out the moment below.

Last year, Wet Leg was a Consequence Artist of the Month, and “Ur Mum” came in as one of our favorite songs of 2022. Grohl, meanwhile, is getting ready to continue Foo Fighters following the tragic death of longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins. The band just announced the new album But Here We Are, and we named lead single “Rescued” our Song of the Week.

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